Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Temple of the Holy Donut

I choose to worship holy donuts primarily at one location.

Yes, I am a Dunkin' Donuts kind of guy.

I was born in the hallowed birthplace of DD, Massachusetts. But I now live in The South where many folks mysteriously prefer Krispy Kreme.

This is what I will say about that. If you like a regular glazed donut (to my mind the least exciting and least appealing of all holy donuts) then a warm Krispy Kreme is indeed a fine option. But if you want to enjoy the rich, fluffy variety of donuts in all their splendour, Dunkin' Donuts is your best bet. DD features light yet substantive donuts that are easy on the eyes, mouth and stomach. KK donuts are overly sweet and, especially in their non-regular-glazed variety, sit like a lumpy sugared greaseball in your stomach.

These opinions are mine and may not necessarily reflect those of other donut-lovers. All donuts, in the end, reflect the unity and oneness of us all.

End of sermon.

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