Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Designer Donuts

Mint mojito.

Pomegranate thyme.

Bing cherry balsamic.

Lemon chamomile creme custard.

Designer donuts are the next big thing, shoving cupcakes back into kids' lunchboxes where they belong. Or so reports Caryn Rousseau of the AP. I say, bring it on!

Let's go crazy out there. Let's get Tang donuts. And Crunch Berries. And, well, let's brainstorm.
Any other ideas...?


  1. VooDoo Donuts in Portland, Oregon.
    I envy those who are so close to their donut genius.

  2. *sigh* Me, too. I saw the travelogue about donuts last weekend and I couldn't contain the droll when they got to Voodoo. And you can get married there. I want that.