Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Year Without Donuts

And lo, I beheld before me a multitude of donuts, arranged on silver trays, plentiful and good. They glistened in their kind, the sugary glazed, the luscious frosting, the bursting creme-filled.

And I saw that they were good.

And I kept my hand at my side.

And I did not partake.

I closed my eyes and walked away, leaving the donuts behind me, casting them from my thoughts. For I knew that their effervescent purity disguised a veritable tub of lard and refined sugars.

And to honor my own sacrifice, to give some sort of meaning to my split-second decision, to make sense of my unexplainable actions, I declared that this would be a Year Without Donuts.

I will no longer partake of the holy donut. I will shun their sugary goodness. I will forsake the sprinkles of peace, I will close my eyes to the frosting of light.

I will be strong. I will give my arteries a rest. I will live an entire year without donuts.

Good thing I baked all those chocolate chip cookies.


The backstory.