Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dreams and Portents

Yesterday, a friend on Facebook asked if I'd tried the new dark chocolate donut from Krispy Kreme. I confessed that I hadn't and explained that I was living a Year Without Donuts. She was, in a word, horrified, and said she'd have to try it herself.


Last night I dreamed we were going into some sort of courtroom. We were scooping up leaves to bring inside with us and spread on the floor. Lots of leaves, all the same - brittle, circular, a very light brown color.

A woman carried the wings of a broken airplane and they were key to the court case. But I had with me the tail section of the plane, upon which was affixed the Dunkin Donuts logo. I showed the woman how the tail section fit perfectly onto her wing section. She was thrilled, wanted me to bring it into the courtroom.

But I warned her, this would make a big difference in the case - it puts the pieces of the plane together but it will mean much less money for us from the jury. So what do you want, I asked, the complete plane or the cash?

I slipped the tail section into my pocket and entered the building. Leaves covered the floor.


Meanwhile, as I was trolling the internets this morning, I navigated, as I do every day, to Boing Boing, only to be greeted with this headline: Donuts, Genocide and the American Dream.

Is this confirmation bias, or am I being assaulted with donuts everywhere I turn?

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