Friday, October 29, 2010

Today's Meditation

Submitted for your approval, a poem of sorts.

I sit
I close my eyes
and in my mind
I gaze at your frosting
your sprinkles
your sugary glaze
You are my donut
You are holy and good
You fill me with sweet joy
I open my eyes
and you are there
in my hand
in my eyes
in my mouth

173 DOUGHNUT RECIPES eBOOK Doughnuts CookbookEvery moment of your life can be filled
with sprinkles of joy
with frosting of peace
with glaze of love
if only you stop and taste it


  1. This is my mantra!

    *BIG BIG Grin*

    Life is joy if only we stop to lick/smell/taste/savor the donuts.

  2. Oh, yes, one needs to stop and taste the donuts for bliss to become one with us.

    Oh, and stop and smell the coffee, too. Not the roses. They don't taste that great.