Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Donut Tweets

Here are some tweets you can currently find if you search for the word donut.

 Lorraine Candy 
Donut day at ELLE. Just collected our monthly allowance from Krispey Kreme

 Alison Agosti 
I'm in a bagel shop that features a chocolate bagel. I intend to be their donut Prometheus.

 Not For Tourists 
Is this the best place on the planet? King Donut @ in has donuts, teriyaki & a laundromat. For real!

 Dan Gipe 
York sheriff looking for two men in donut theft 

 Bailey Hunt 
I love the looks I get when I walk into nutrition holding a Dr. Pepper and a donut 

 Jason Sheehan 
Entire conf. table full of various donuts at work 2day. Thinking about setting up a tent & just living in donut world until they're all gone

 Katherine Hervey 
My son just added something about a donut into the abc song...

 Annie Pettit 
Does no one know the difference between a cake donut and a yeast donut? Sigh. What is going on in this world.

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