Friday, April 2, 2010

Like being touched from God himself

From guest contributor Boney

My name is Boney, and I have an addiction.
My favorite donut is a bavarian creme or custard filled donut with chocolate frosting on top.  My favorite custard/pudding (outside of a donut or pie) is banana pudding.  A little over a month ago when I logged into my facebook account, Krispy Kreme had sent out an update advertising their limited time offering of the "Banana Pudding donut".  Now, I don't often visit the Krispy Kreme store in my area because, let's be honest, Krispy Kreme delivers donuts to the local convenience stores which makes it easier to commute when I have a craving than to drive the 45+ miles to the nearest store.  With the merging of my 2 favorite sinful temptations, I just had to jump in the car and make the hike...
What I found at the store was exactly what I imagined it would be, and more.  What I saw were dozens upon dozens of banana pudding donuts were being boxed up and handed across the counter and into the open arms of smiley faced people who looked like they had just found the cure for cancer.  When I made my way to the counter, I asked for a dozen and I salivated as the clerk placed each donut carefully into the carton.  I almost felt dirty for looking at a donut so lovingly, like it was my long lost girlfriend who I just couldn't wait to kiss again.
When I got back to my car, I ripped into the carton and put the donut and all it's sweet sweet goodness up to my lips.  As I took my first bite I can honestly say, and even though this may be a family site, that I would've done to that box that no man should ever do.  On my drive home I felt like talking to the box, asking the other 11 (oops, 9.. I ate 3 in the parking lot!) where they had been all my life.. as if they were family members who I was just meeting for the first time.  I felt like I owed them a little conversation, a little love, because of the fate they faced once they reached my home.  That's what I gave them, the attention they deserved.  I sang to them in the car, so they could get a feeling for how sensitive of a person I am.  They experienced some of the road rage that comes with living in the Washington DC area.  When we got home, I placed them on the counter and made sure to close the box securely because I wanted them to be fresh to live another day.
Breakfast pastries are the best.  In a world where all day long we eat salty and hot meals, and usually you only indulge at dessert, it's nice to treat yourself to a sweet pastry for breakfast.  It feels like you're breaking the rules that you learned as a kid with mom!
The banana pudding donut gets 2 thumbs up from me.  I wish it was a full time offering at Krispy Kreme but perhaps that will make me long for it even more, after it's gone on April 18.

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