Friday, February 5, 2010

Spare Change

From Michaela Stoughton, the full story of the incident she highlighted in the list we mentioned earlier.

The infamous Dunkin' Donuts incident…..
I pulled up to the squawk box and gave my order. Then, this is what I heard.
“That was one large iced coffee with ahhh! Thump. Laugh. Snort.”
I drove around the corner wondering what was going on, because she couldn’t speak, she was laughing too hard. That’s when I found the adorable little blond girl lying on the pavement in front of the drive-thru window. As soon as she saw my car, she got up and ran inside.
Moments later, the red-faced blond poked her face through the window, and tried to take my money.
I said, “Not until you tell me what just happened.”
The adorable little blond simply replied, “I saw a shiny quarter on the ground, and thought I could reach it.”

Thank you for sharing, Michaela. You never know what might happen next time you order donuts...

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